Rest in Peace to my kind neighbor Louis Cardona, our local St. Francis of Assisi who took care of the unwanted animals

My neighbor and friend and fellow cat-lover Louis Cardona passed away this morning after an extended cancer battle. He's finally pain-free and back with his lovely wife Toni, who he missed so much. His devoted daughters Deborah and Leslie took wonderful care of him until the end.

F.Y.I.--Our neighborhood has many stray cats and Louis would go out every night with catfood and walk the streets to feed these unwanted animals. Sometimes I would stroll with him and help him and we would talk.  At one point, he had over 20 stray cats & kittens in his apartment! Exasperated, his wife Toni said "Louis, I've had it! Make your choice! It's either ME or these damn cats!"

Louis said "Toni, baby you know I love you....but I can't get rid of my cats! They are my family too!"
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Louis loved his music and played vinyl on radio-station quality turntables. He had been a young genius and attended New York's prestigious Stuyvesant High School (smart kids). Later he went into the military and worked at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center (office staff). Later he also worked as a civilian employee of the NYPD. 

But mostly, he loved his wife Toni, his beautiful daughters Deborah and Leslie and his stray animals.Much Love Louis and rest in peace to one of the truly kind souls who will be one of God's favorite angels.

Pics: Some of Louis' stray animals he collected, and various pics of Louis thru his life.


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