Gruesome Midtown Murder Revealed by tiny drops of Blood scattered through Radio City Apartments on West 49th Street as told by Jim Dykes

Here in New York City, residential trash is picked up twice a week and recyclables on other days. There are almost NO alleys in Manhattan (the island isn't big enough) so everyone from Hell's Kitchen to Park Avenue must pile up their trash on the sidewalks at night in front of their apartment buildings for pickup.  Every time I walk by Radio City Apartments on Trash Day I remember that horrendous front page murder of several years ago.
A young woman on the 9th floor murdered her boyfriend, chopped him up in the bathtub and hauled him out in hefty garbage bags on trash day, where the bags were piled high on the sidewalk.
She almost escaped detection but it seems there were microscopic red dots of blood that had leaked onto the floors of the building as she dragged the bags outside. In most cases you couldn't see them unless you got down on the floor and looked closely, but dog walkers in the building noticed that their dogs went crazy sniffing and pawing at the same places in the lobby.
The NYPD was called to investigate and they discovered the tiny drops of blood, discovered the body parts in the trash bags and using special magnifying tools, they followed the tiny drops all the way to her apartment door! She's now "up the river" in Sing Sing for a long stay.
It's interesting to speculate that she might have actually gotten away with murder if she'd only "double-bagged"!


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