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NYC Subway Talk

I take the subway nearly every day and various things are "subway tru-isms"... FIRST of all basic subway gear: 1. Ear plugs--to block out all the unwanted noise especially blaring i-pods next to you at 7am. 2. Reading material-- you gotta use subway time to read...every once in awhile I listed to music on my i-pod, but mostly, I READ. It's so sad when you glance around a typical subway car and out of 100 people jammed onto a car, maybe 10% are reading something. Subway irritations: People who don't READ, but just STARE at everybody else for their entertainment. I hate looking up from my book or paper to see someone just staring vacantly at me...what's that all about? Why don't you improve your mind, moron instead of just sitting there like a bump on a log. And then I realize that many people still cannot read. Every once in awhile you read a story about all the people who are still illiterate in 20th century New York. SO sad. A big irritation on the subway …