Jennifer Aniston supposedly "hates" New York City...??

So recently the NY Post gossip column Page Six reported the marriage of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux was "doomed" because of Jennifer's "hatred of New York City." The actress tried moving back to Manhattan where she had lived as a teen after she fell for Theroux, 46, who owns an apt. in Greenwich Village but Aniston couldn't deal with the constant paparazzi and the nosey neighbors and retreated back to the walls of her sprawling Bel Air estate.

"Jennifer is more comfortable in LA with her close-knit group of friends like Courtney Cox," said a source, adding "But Justin doesn't feel as at home in LA, nor with Jenn's friends. He loves New York and the edgier crowd." Putting further strain on their relationship, Theroux's career is booming with 3 movies coming out this year as he works on more. Jennifer is 49 and her career is slowing down.Men in their 40's and 50's work a LOT while women stars in their 40's and 50's have to start playing secondary roles and Moms. There is always a new, hot starlet in her 20's or 30's coming along to take the starring roles.

I remember when Jennifer Aniston lived in New York. In fact, before she was famous, she was my regular waitress at JACKSON HOLE RESTAURANT at Columbus Avenue & W. 85th Street. I once lived on West 68th Street and regularly ate at JACKSON HOLE (famous for big burgers) where Jennifer worked. She also went to Steiner School and also the High School of Performing Arts. I remember her always being quirky and funny and bringing my tuna melt with aplomb. She called me the "tuna melt guy."

Later she moved to Los Angeles like so many "wanna be" actresses but she magically won the show business lottery and made it BIG.  Apparently she had been born in L.A. but her TV actor Dad moved the family to NYC.

Her combination of looks, talent, perkiness, timing and luck caused her to become a huge television star and later she crossed over into the movies.

I've done my share of acting in TV and movies...mostly small parts and commercials so years later I was cast in a tiny role in THE BOUNTY HUNTER where Jenn starred with Gerard Butler. I was the Belmont Park chief of security and stood there with Jennifer on the same marks as we did take after take on a hot summer day. It was the scene where Jenn is tossed in the trunk of Gerard Butler's car. As we stood there doing take after take, at one point I reminded her of when she was my regular waitress, she scrunched up her eyes as she looked at me and said "Tuna Melt guy!!"

By the way, she's 49 and still hasn't settled down enough to have a family, which I think proves the gossip that floated around for years. She and Brad Pitt divorced because he was, quite simply, ready to be a Dad and she kept putting him off because she was too neurotic and really didn't want kids deep down. Brad had been ready to be a Dad for years....he comes from a big family in Missouri and apparently all his brothers and sisters had multiple kids and wondered why Brad hadn't started a family yet.  Jennifer's career was booming and she simply kept "putting him off" year after year. The rumors also abound that she's been in therapy for decades to deal with her own parental issues and deep down is still a child herself and frankly didn't want kids but didn't want to admit it to Brad and lose him. So one day on a movie set he met Angelina Jolie who also admitted that her biological clock was ticking loudly and she also wanted to start a family five minutes ago. So the two came together and in a short time...PRESTO...they instantly had a large brood!


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