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DOUBT with Meryl Streep is a surprise Blockbuster!

Last night I attended a screening of the new movie DOUBT, starring acting heavyweights Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. OH MY GOD…what a great film! It still hasn’t been released until later this month...this screening was for Screen Actors Guild members and included a Q&A following the film with the movie's screenwriter AND director John Patrick Shanley (MOONSTRUCK) and his friend, fellow director Norman Jewison. I saw the Shanley play on Broadway several years ago starring Cherry Jones in the Streep role and the story has been largely re-written, according to Shanley, “opened up” and re-adapted for the screen. The play is set in a Catholic parish church and school in the Bronx circa 1964.
Hoffman plays the priest Father Flynn and Meryl Streep is the feisty, elderly head nun, Sister Aloysius, who strongly accuses the priest of improper conduct (pedophilia?) when he be-friends a 12 year old black boy, who stands out in the all-white school. But she still has some “doub…

New York City is Never Never Land of Celebrities

WOW…this weekend the Rich & Famous Tour was hot and Jim Dykes was truly the "guide to the stars" as we kept running into celebrities all over New York…East Side, West Side…all around the town! Friday on the Upper Westside my group from San Francisco when we ran into Barbara Walters in front of the ABC Studio complex. We turned around and suddenly there was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner with beautiful baby Violet, and awhile later we bumped into old film star Connie Stevens, completely overdressed in fur (it was 54 degrees!) while gabbing on her cellphone. Connie has an apt. over there by ABC Studios even though her main home is in L.A. She lives in the same luxury building as Howard Stern, Regis Philbin, Celine Dion, Julie Andrews and others. We also saw Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from Sex and the City) with her grocery bags, piling into a cab in front of Columbus Circle's Whole Foods.
On Saturday morning we were touring thru the Upper Eastside (E. 71st Street to be e…

Robert Wagner made me lose my breakfast on LIVE With Regis and Kelly

Robert Wagner made me lose my breakfast on LIVE With Regis and Kelly

Robert Wagner, an aging pretty-boy with limited acting skills who became famous for starring in (mostly) B movies and “romances” with beautiful A-list film stars, has written a memoir: Pieces of My Heart-- so he must need money. I’ve always heard stars only write books when they need money. (Above is a pic of me in my tux taken the night after this event. As you can see, I'm another "pretty boy"...I'm 27 years older now).
On Regis & Kelly this morning he is obviously trying to sell books so he attempted to come off as just “one of the boys.” I met Mr. Wagner when I was working backstage for producer Alexander Cohen in the Green Room at Radio City Music Hall for Night of 100 Stars II in 1985. Originally from Michigan, one suspects he portrays his climb to stardom as much of a “Little Me” version of things. He said he moved to LA (Bel Air!) as a teenager and got a job as a caddy at a golf course f…