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DAHLINGS! Went to the Zsa Zsa Estate Sale! Also met Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy (Jiggy?) from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

DAHLINGS! Anybody remember Zsa Zsa Gabor? She was one of the first “stars” to be more famous for being famous than her actual acting talent. Even though she died over 2 years ago at age 99, the estate sale was held recently so I attended. The best part was the “open house”…for two days prior to the sale, you were permitted to walk thru her palatial Bel Air home to view all the items up for auction. 
Her home was 1001 Bel Air Road near the top of the hill with a killer view of L.A.  Her 9th and last husband, Frederic Von Anhalt who claimed he was a Prince, held the auction and he was there giving interviews to all the media that showed up. As we entered, there was a long red carpet from the valet parking stand.  I overheard him telling a reporter “I wanted to give Zsa Zsa her last red carpet.” I thought it was fitting because she made a career of marrying wealthy men and then divorcing them and getting outrageously generous financial settlements of cash, artwork, real estate and jewelr…