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LAUREN BACALL'S Apartment sells for $21million

Bacall's fabulous 9-room apartment in the legendary 1884 landmark DAKOTA Building sold recently for $21million. Bacall passed away peacefully in her bedroom at the age of 89 in August 2014, one month shy of her 90th birthday. Three months later her apartment hit the market, listed by her 3 children from Humphrey Bogart and Jason Robards, who were her co-executors: her sons Stephen Bogart and Sam Robards and daughter Leslie Bogart. Bacall had moved into the apartment with seond husband Robards in 1961 and reportedly paid approx. $28,000 for it. This was around the time the Dakota turned from rental apartments into co-ops which saved it from any further discussion of tearing it down. It was built in 1880-84 by millionaire investor Edward Clark, according to Stephen Birmingham's wonderful book LIFE AT THE DAKOTA. It was designed by famed architect Henry Janeway Hardnburgh (the Plaza Hotel) in the German Renaissance style...sort of …